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The Trianon Gardens

Trianon is the palace of Flora: every room has a view of the gardens, which are entirely devoted to flowers, with a stunning number of varieties chosen for their colours and scents. “The tuberoses drive us away from Trianon every evening,” Madame de Maintenon wrote in a letter dated 8 August 1689. “The excess of fragrance causes men and women to feel ill.” All the decoration, paintings and panel sculptures are based on flowers.

Buffet d’eau
In 1703 Hardouin-Mansart had this fountain, also called the Cascade, built on the same axis as the Trianon-sous-Bois wing’s northern end. It was decorated with different coloured marbles ornamented with lead sculptures by Mazière, Le Lorrain, Hardy, Poirier and Van Clève.

The Glacières
The Glacières were insulated, masonry-lined pits covered with earth and stones where ice was stored in winter. In summer the ice was used to chill drinks or make sorbets and ice cream. The Petit Trianon’s glacières have thatched roofs.
The earliest ones at Versailles date from the reign of Louis XIV.
Many châteaux had glacières in the 18th century

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