3 years to span the centuries

More than forty years after its last major restoration, the Royal Chapel requires urgent intervention on the roof timbers, the roof and decorative lead work, the statues and window frames and stained glass. Experience the restoration of this architectural masterpiece.

Work in progress

The Royal Chapel has been under renovation for 289 days.

The end of the construction is scheduled for autumn 2021.

Live from the restoration site

The Palace and the Chapel surrounded by the giant canvas

© EPV / Thomas Garnier

The canvas in place

©EPV/Didier Saulnier

The canvas in place - 2

©EPV/Didier Saulnier


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What are the different stages of the project?

The stages are as follows: assembly of the scaffolding and the temporary umbrella roof, removal of the existing roof, restoration and consolidation of the roof timbers, restoration of all the stonework, restoration of the window openings in the attic level, restoration of all the lead elements and the gilding.

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Fondation Philantropia Lombard Odier

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