Religion 1707

©EPV/Didier Saulnier

Allegory 1707

The decision to have monumental sculpted decoration on the balustrade and the pediment of the Royal Chapel was taken in around 1705. The carefully chosen subject matter of the decoration mixes allegory with great figures of Christianity. The four evangelists rub shoulders with the twelve apostles, the four Fathers of the Latin Church, the four Fathers of the Greek Church and six allegories of Christian virtue.

Sébastien Slodtz (1655-1726)

Date sculpted 

2.92 metres, including plinth

Tonnerre stone

The restoration of the Royal Chapel

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The allegory of Religion is portrayed as a young woman wearing a dress and a cloak with fringed edges pulled up to the top of her head like a veil. She is clasping a cross in her left hand and holding up a chalice in her right.


© EPV/Didier Saulnier



Of Flemmish origin, Sébastien Slodtz moved to Paris at a young age and became a student of Girardon, for whom he executed a certain number of models (the group of Aristaeus and Proteus in the park of Versailles). He was instantly considered one of the best craftsmen in the royal team, and as a result contributed to the sculpted work for the dome of the Invalides and the Chapel of Versailles.

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