Palace of Versailles app

Palace of Versailles app

The official Palace of Versailles app offers you audio tours and an interactive map of the entire Estate.

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A penguin at Versailles

Be guided round the Palace by a penguin!

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Brady Haran and the favourites of Louis XV’s

Meet Louis XV’s favourites at the Palace of Versailles.

Seek and find game

Demonstrate your powers of observation and find the different items hidden in the works of the Palace of Versailles collections.

Fashion through the ages

Fashion was a very important part of life at Versailles. Discover the fashions and hairstyles that were popular through the ages.

Spot the difference game

Can you spot the differences hidden in these famous paintings?

Virtual exhibition:
the Palace of Versailles in Comic Books

The virtual exhibition that puts Versailles in the picture!

For our youngest visitors

Explore various contents to help our youngest visitors discover the delights of Versailles.

Put yourself in the picture

Recreate works from the Palace of Versailles collections at home.

It's all in the details

Learn to recognise Versailles through its architecture and decorations.