Palace of Versailles app

Palace of Versailles app

The official Palace of Versailles app offers you audio tours and an interactive map of the entire Estate.

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Virtual exhibition:
the Palace of Versailles in Comic Books

The virtual exhibition that puts Versailles in the picture!

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Versailles the château, the gardens, the Trianons

Out of the determination of King Louis XIV to build a residence that would stand as a symbol of his glory and his absolute power there emerged a...

Latona fountain

Its garden, its golden lead peasants and animals, its water effects and its gorgeous marble sculpture at the top make Latona Fountain a gem at the...

Versailles and the American Revolution

lt was at Versailles that American independence was decided ... lt was at Versailles that Louis XVI declared to the representatives of the Second...

Versailles A private Invitation

The largest palace in the world holds a thousand and one unsuspected secrets, unknown even to real connoisseurs.

Marie-Antoinette at Versailles

Whether adored or detested, Marie-Antoinette has never ceased to fascinate. The only Queen that ever really reigned over Versailles, she endured its...

The Mercury salon

The Mercury Salon in the King’s Grand Apartment in the Chateau of Versailles was Louis XIV’s ceremonial chamber.

Visit Versailles

A handsomely illustrated book, a souvenir of your visit and a history essay, Visit Versailles is all three at the same time.