Palace of Versailles app

Palace of Versailles app

The official Palace of Versailles app offers you audio tours and an interactive map of the entire Estate.

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A penguin at Versailles

Be guided round the Palace by a penguin!

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Game booklets to discover the Estate

Well illustrated and designed to be both fun and informative, our game booklets help your children learn about various places of the Estate: the...

Exhibitions game booklets

Discover (again) exhibitions curated at the Palace of Versailles with your children ! Designed to be both fun and informative, game booklets allow...

Versailles. My father’s palace

Once appointed to the Palace in 1887, Pierre de Nolhac dedicated his life to protecting its historical archives and restoring Versailles to its...

Virtual Exhibitions

The visitor plunges into interactive frescoes and discovers the paintings, sculptures and engravings in a new light.

Preventive Conservation in Historic-Houses and Palace-Museums: Assesment Methodologies and Applications

The EPICO programme gathers a team of specialists in preventive conservation, art historians, registrars and scientists since 2005. EPICO published...

The exhibition journal Versailles. Revival

"I am intoxicated with Versailles, it is a form of disease, a love, a criminal passion." Alexandre Benois

Secrets of Versailles

A royal lookout in the heart of the city, a fireproof ministry, a garden built as an Anglo-Chinese folly, peculiar paving stones in front of the...

A day at Versailles

Everywhere you walk at Versailles your gaze lingers over its beauties, your thoughts skim over its centuries of history, through the turmoil of the...