In the estates of Versailles, Trianon and Marly, for the visitors' comfort and the protection of works, the public is requested to respect the rules of visit.

Versailles and Trianon Museum

Here are the regulations containing important points on the behavior of the visitors, as well as on the safeguarding of the estates of Versailles, Trianon and Marly.

Not permitted inside : 

  • metal-framed prams and buggies (apart from the Stables). Only fabric baby carriers without metal frames are permitted. Wheelchairs are permitted in all areas of the museum where access is possible.
  • animals, even on a leash or muzzled
  • food and drink
  • flash photography, tripods and selfie sticks
  • Visitors are also asked to refrain from smoking in the museum areas, touching works and crossing barriers of visit.

To store items and enjoy your visit at your leisure, there are free left luggage facilities at the entrances of the Versailles and Trianon Palaces. Valuable items and clothing cannot be deposited at left luggage cash, jewels, computers…). Left luggage items should be collected at the end of the visit before closing time, or will be treated as lost property.

Works on display in the permanent exhibition spaces may be photographed or filmed for private purposes, thus excluding all professional, collective or commercial uses which require the prior written permission of the President of the Establishment.

Read the full regulations for visiting the Versailles and Trianon Museum:

See the full rules of visit


The national estate of Versailles and Trianon

Within the Estate (the Gardens of Versailles, Park of Versailles, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate) it is expressly forbidden to:

  • bring in animals without leashes. (Animal owners are responsible for any droppings left by their animals in public places, and must clean them up immediately)
  • bring alcoholic beverages
  • damage or uproot plants
  • use, without the prior written permission, any model car
  • use any floating or aerial model, as well as any remote-controlled aircraft (including drones). Only drones of a strictly professional purpose are allowed, subject to a declaration to the prefecture and our agreement, and with proof of professional insurance covering the risks
  • take professional photographies
  • conduct surveys or studies without the prior written permission
  • distribute or sell publications, newspapers, insignia or any other object whatsoever


Bicycles, even pushed, are forbidden in the gardens, the Courtyards of Honour of the Palace and Palaces of Trianon, and on Marie-Antoinette’s Estate; they are permitted in the Park on the designated paths, and on the condition that they do not represent a danger to pedestrians.

All items found within the Estate are taken to the Palace, at Entrance H. After ten days, all such lost property is transferred to the Versailles police station.

Read the full regulations for visiting the national estate of Versailles and Trianon:

See the full rules of visit


The national estate of Marly

Read the full regulations for visiting the national estate of Marly:

See the full rules of visit


Practical information

In order to plan your visit at best, find the detailed opening times of the estate of Versailles, during high and low season, and the various tickets and prices.
Read the conditions for free admission.


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