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The Empress’s Apartment



The Empress’s Apartment

The Trianon’s original furniture was scattered during the French Revolution; most of the present pieces date from the First Empire. Napoleon had the palace entirely refurnished and sometimes came here with Marie-Louise.

The Empress’s Bedroom

Originally Louis XIV’s bedchamber, this room still features the original décor of Corinthian columns and admirably sculpted mosaic panelling. Under the Empire it was divided into a smaller bedchamber and a sitting room (or antechamber) used by Empress Marie-Louise, who furnished the spaces as they appear today. The only exception is the bed, which comes from the Tuileries Palace: it belonged to Napoleon and his successor, Louis XVIII, Louis XVI’s brother, who died in it in 1824.

The Room of Mirrors

The mirrors and lovely view of the Grand Canal make this the south wing’s most beautiful room. It is the last one in the apartment Louis XIV occupied in this part of the château from 1691 to 1703, and served as his council room. Like most of the Trianon, it still has most of the original décor but the furniture was sold during the Revolution and replaced by Napoleon. The archduchess Marie-Louise, Marie-Antoinette’s great-niece, whom the emperor married after divorcing Josephine, used this as her drawing room from 1810 to 1814.

The Chapel Room

Created as a chapel, this room continued serving its original purpose after becoming an antechamber in 1691, when Louis XIV moved into this part of the palace. The door at the end of the room opens a recess with an altar, which was opened for mass and closed afterwards. The décor recalls that use: a cornice with ears of wheat and bunches of grapes symbolises the Eucharistic bread and wine and paintings of the evangelists Saint Mark and Saint Luke hang on the walls.
The portraits of Louis XV and Marie Leszczinska, by Jean-Baptiste Van-Loo, recall the queen’s stays at Trianon.

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