The Queen's Guard Room is the only room in the Queen's State Appartments that is yet to undergo essential renovation work on its painted and architectural decoration. Until summer 2017.

Queen's Guard room

Situated between the Queen's Staircase and the Royal Table Antechamber, the Queen's Guard Room served as a vestibule in which the officers in charge of the Queen's protection were posted.

La salle des Garde de la reine

© EPV / Christian Milet

The Restoration

The works, which began in early May 2015, aim to restore the magnificent polychrome marble panelling to its former glory, it being one of the largest ceremonial decorative installations dating from Louis XIV and still preserved in the Palace. They will also restore harmony and readability to Coypel's paintings, which are currently in poor condition due to mouldy varnish and multiple re-paints. Work on the stucco, lead and gilded wood decoration will complete the restoration of the ceiling.


The works of the Queen's State Apartment



This restoration is realised thanks to the patronage of The American Friends of Versailles and The Society of the Friends of the Palace of Versailles.