The Palace of Versailles offers you a new version of its website, completely redesigned to improve your user experience. First point of entry to the Estate, it aims at helping you to better plan your visit and discover the collections or the news from the Palace. Thanks to its responsive design, you can browse it seamlessly from your mobile, tablet or computer.

A simpler browsing

Browsing was made simpler through three great sections : « Discover », « Plan your visit » and « What's on ».

The menu and the four areas.



Starting from the homepage, you can find the four main areas of the Estate. The forty "Locations" pages have been reorganised and redesigned to better highlight the diversity of the Estate and point out directly which tickets allow you to visit the related location.

The "History" section now offers you an overview of the great stages of the history of Versailles, from the monarchy to the the present day. A hundred of pages describing the characters of the Court and the key dates of Versailles still allow you to get into the details.


Louis XIV's reign in the "History" timeline.

Plan your visit

Essential information about tickets or access now appears on top of each page, followed by detailed information.

The website offers you to choose your visitor profile (with children, in a group, with a disability, etc) to guide you to the most appropriate information. Personalised routes also take into account your wishes in terms of themes or duration.


Filters by visitor profile, different types of tickets and essential information about each of them.

Information about the numerous facilities provided at the Estate (toilets, wifi, restaurants, shops, etc) is more detailed and links directly to the Bienvenue interactive map.

For those who already know Versailles, a direct link to buy your tickets is available on every page and five dedicated sections allow regular users to find the related information to their profile : Subscribers, Patrons, Teachers, Tourism professionnals and Associations.

What's on

With at least three exhibitions each year, dozens of shows, contemporary art creations and restaurations made by numerous craftmen, the Palace of Versailles is still living up to its era. The "What's on" section allows you to follow the Palace news to know what's happening right now or when you'll come and visit the Estate. What contributes to the Palace influence is also described: exhibitions off-site and abroad, new digital tools, publications, etc.


At the bottom of each page, linked content are suggested to cross news, practical or cultural information.


An example of news at the bottom of the "Plan your visit" page.

Tell us what you think

The website will continue to evolve in the coming months. We would like to hear what you think about these changes so we can continue to improve it. Please send us your feedback through the form. If there is something specific that you can’t find even with search, please let us know through the contact page.

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