Visiting conditions

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The Palace and Estate of Versailles are open. In compliance with the current government advice, health precautions and measures to control visitor numbers are put in place.


Tour Route

In order to provide the best possible visitor experience while abiding by the current health regulations, the following areas of the Palace will be open to visitors:

The Trianon Estate, comprising the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon, the Queen’s Hamlet and the gardens is also open to visitors. 

Guided tours of the King’s Private Chambers, the Royal Opera House, the Royal Chapel, and the Apartments of Louis XV’s daughters are also be available.


Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens take place on the normal schedule on Tuesdays, Fridays, Bank holidays and Week End through October at their usual operating hours. 

See the Fountain Show schedule here.

The Night Fountain Shows take place every Saturday evening, from 27th of June to 19th of September. 

Preparing your Visit

You can download our visitor application free of charge. The application includes all audio guide content in 11 languages, along with an interactive maps and visitor tips and information. It also provides the latest, up-to-date information:


The left luggage service is also temporarily suspended. Visitors are not permitted to bring bulky items of luggage into the museums. Dangerous objects, umbrellas, scooters, tripods and selfie sticks are also forbidden. Small bags will be admitted, including bags containing drinks.

No eating or drinking is permitted inside the Palace or the Grand or Petit Trianon (only in the park and gardens).

A Covid-19 Information point has been set up in the South Ministers’ Wing to handle all questions.

Protective Measures in place at the Estate

  • Masks are compulsory for all visitors over the age of 11 to the museums of Versailles and Le Trianon (as per the governmental decree No. 2020-548 of 11 May 2020 and the ruling of 27 May 2020 by the President of the Etablissement Public du Château de Versailles). Masks are recommended within the Park and Gardens. Visitors are requested to bring their own masks, as no masks will be distributed or sold on site.
  • Sanitising hand gel dispensers have been installed at the entrance to each space.
  • In order to abide by social distancing requirements and ensure a pleasant visitor experience for all, please use the markings on the ground and maintain a distance of one metre between yourself and other visitors.
  • In order to avoid visitors overlapping, the entrances and exits are separate and clearly marked at the Palace of Versailles and on the Trianon Estate (entrance via the Grand Trianon only, exit via the Grand Trianon or Petit Trianon).

General Protective Measures 

The basic hygiene measures recommended by France’s Ministry for Health and Solidarity are as follows:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soapy water, or a sanitising solution
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Do not shake hands or use other forms of contact when greeting people
  • Maintain a respectful distance between yourself and all members of staff (in the museum, the park, restaurants and boutiques etc.) and fellow visitors
  • Use paper tissues and dispose of them afterwards
  • Wear a mask

Locate the South Ministers' Wing on a map


A toll free number permanently answers your questions on Coronavirus COVID-19, everyday, 24/7: 0 800 130 000.


Self-guided group tour bookings are resuming since 1st October 2020 at Entrance B, subject to a limited number of entries. Group must respect the following guidelines: 

  • Wait in designated waiting areas outside Entrance B and follow tour departure order.
  • Speak in designated speaking areas. Check the plan of the Palace to locate them. Commentaries while moving around are authorised, however.
  • We recommend your group uses audiophone devices for interactions during the tour of the Palace.
  • Groups must be accompanied by a guide. Associations or works council groups accompanied by a non-professional guide will not be able to book a self-guided tour. 
  • Teachers and cultural institutions are considered as guides and can therefore book the tours.
  • Groups are limited to 30 people.
  • Bookings are made by telephone only. Remember to book your tour in advance.
  • Opening hours stay the same: 9:00-17:00 in high season and 9:00-16:00 in low season.

Speaking Areas

For the smooth running of your group guided tour, designated speaking areas have been put in place, with a limited amount of time allowed in each one. 
We recommend your group uses audiophone devices for interactions during the tour of the Palace.

Speeches are permitted in the following rooms :

Speeches are not permitted in the following rooms :

Group tours can be booked by phone by tourism professionals, associations, and school groups and teachers