Self-guided tours :
- a time slot for direct access to the Palace.
- speaking rights for your guide.

Mandatory booking, as early as 3 months before the day of the visit (on the first working day in the month).

For groups : booking on +33 1 30 83 04 05

Tourism professionals and associations can also book on the group online booking website.

For School groups : consult the specific booking conditions.

Except if otherwise indicated, the meeting point for guided tours is at the welcome desk is in the North Ministers’ Wing.

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During guided tours, a speaker from the Palace invites you into lesser known locations otherwise closed to the visitors.

For individuals : the tour price is in addition to the admission price. The tours are free for children under 10 years old.

For groups : there is a global price for all the participants including the admission price. Mandatory booking, as early as 3 months before the day of the visit (on the first working day in the month).

For school groups : Consult the specific booking conditions.

During opening hours, access to less know and otherwise closed locations as well as the Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens if they happen on the chosen date.

Do you have a specific request?

For more information, please send an email to or telephone 00 33 (0)1 30 83 77 82

A unique private tour, with a Palace speaker and personalized themes.

A la carte tours during opening hours but in otherwise closed locations.

Individualized reception with access to the courtyard of Honor by vehicle.

Mandatory booking through

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A summary of the "Groups" offer for tourism professionals and associations.

Locations of the museum and estate of Versailles can be mad available for the organisation of Prestige Tours or private events.

Show in the Palace, access through entrance B.

Shows in the Gardens, access through the Princes courtyard.

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All year long, concerts, operas, ballets... in famous places of the Palace: the Royal Opera and the Royal Chapel.

From April to October, on most Tuesdays, Fridays and week-ends, enjoy the Musical Fountains Shows and the Musical Gardens.


Stroll Through the Palace

The Palace of Versailles holds genuine treasures unknown to visitors, with secret passages, rooms, private apartments, bathrooms and other hidden places. Apartments belonging to kings, queens, mistresses and courtiers in this royal residence, a symbol of French absolutism and artistic and cultural influence, reveal everyday life in the Court and key events in the history of France.

Price per group, 20 people maximum

1000 € Book

Hidden Areas

Secret doors, small pathways, very private appartments... the Palace has some hidden places where the sovereigns liked to withdraw in order to escape the burdens of the Court. Another history of Versailles, surprising and intimate, is written in these unknown places.

Price per group, 20 people maximum

1000 € Book

Marie-Antoinette at Trianon

In 1774, the Queen received the Petit Trianon as a gift from Louis XVI. The Estate became her own kingdom. Free from official etiquette, she created a world that better suited her personality and the fashions of the time.

Price per group, 20 people maximum

1000 € Book

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