Visiting conditions

Everything you need to organise a visit and properly prepare your group before coming to the Palace of Versailles.

Opening times & Access FAQ for schools

Admission to the gardens is charged on Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens days.

+33 (0)1 30 83 78 00 or versailleseducation@crm.chateauversailles.fr

Reservation conditions

These reservation conditions apply to guided tours and self-guided tours. 

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How to make a reservation?

  • Reservations open 3 months prior to the date of visit, on the first day of the month at 9 am (e.g. for a visit in January, reservations open on the first working day of October at 9 am).
  • Reservations close 1 month prior the date of visit (except for the self-guided tours: reservation by phone until the day before the visit).
  • Self-guided tours: reservation required by phone at +33 (0)1 30 83 04 05
  • Guided tours: online reservation required

To create an account granting access to the online ticket office dedicated to school groups, please complete this form. You will then receive an email with your login ID and password, to make your reservation.

If you wish to later modify the information in your customer account (filled in via the online ticket office), please send an email to versailleseducation@crm.chateauversailles.fr 

How to pay? 

Once the reservation made, payment must be made within 15 days. Means of payment accepted:

  • Bank card
  • Payment on invoice only permitted for legal persons governed by French public law by sending an order form by email (the original ticket must be presented on the day of the visit)
  • Bank transfer
  • Bank or postal check payable in France

Read the General Conditions of Sale

How to finalize the booking?

To finalize the booking, please confirm within 15 days following recipt of this booking form:

  • For a paid activity, your payment must be processed and cleared within 15 days.
  • For a free activity, this document must be signed and dated and returned via email to versailleseducation@crm.chateauversailles.fr within 15 days.

If the payment or signed document is not received before this deadline, the booking will be cancelled without any further notice.

Cancel your reservation

Once the payment was made, the cancellation of your reservation is possible until 15 days before the date of the visit by email notification on versailleseducation@crm.chateauversailles.fr
For all cancellation requested less than 15 days before the visit, the payment is owed to the Public Establishment of the Palace, the Museum and the National Estate of Versailles.


Consult the tutorial to guide you through the online ticket office.


Face masks are mandatory for all visitors over 11.

Following new health guidelines, significant changes have been made to the reception of groups. Access new guidelines. 

Group composition

For guided tours and self-guided tours, groups may consist of a maximum of 30 people including accompanying adults.

  • Nursery School: 1 accompanying adult per 5 pupils
  • Elementary School: 1 accompanying adult per 10 pupils
  • Junior High School: 1 accompanying adult per 15 students

If the group contains additional adults not considered to be accompanying adults, they must number a maximum of 3 and will be required to purchase a ticket.

Access and meeting place

It is advised for school groups to enter through the Chapel Gate that is much less used than the Gate of Honour. In addition, it will give you direct access to entrance B (self-guided tours) and to the North Minister's Wing (guided tours).
You can nonetheless access the Palace through the Gate of Honour. After crossing the Court of Honour, entrance A (entrance without booking) will be situated on your left and entrance B on your right. This access is recommended for people with disabilities.

  • If you have booked a guided tour, go to the North Ministers’ Wing with your booking confirmation, where you will meet a member of staff who will show you around the Palace.
  • If you have booked a self-guided tour, go to entrance B to start the tour directly.
  • If you are visiting without pre booking, please note that you cannot be granted a no-queuing access. Only the group leader should go to the North Ministers’ Wing to collect the tickets. They should have an official list of the attending students and their date of birth from the institution. The whole group should then go to entrance A. Please note that the group leader does not have speaking rights.  

    Consult the interactive map

This interactive map can be also consulted on the Palace of Versailles’ app - available free of charge on the App Store and on Google Play.

Staff on site

Welcome and security staff are on hand to provide information. They can be identified by their badges and are present throughout the visit route (in the courtyard and gardens and at the museum entrances and exits). If a pupil gets lost they can approach them directly. The pupil will immediately be assisted and staff will take the necessary measures to find their chaperones. Likewise, chaperones can also receive assistance from security officers if they have lost a student.

The speakers, intermediaries and artists are professionals whose job it is to share the history of the estate of Versailles. It is essential to follow their instructions to ensure that the visit runs smoothly.

Museum etiquette

Teachers are responsible for their students for the duration of the visit at the Palace of Versailles. Pupils should be made aware of the challenges of preserving heritage and behave properly in the museum.

Move around calmly:

  • do not run, bustle, slide or climb.

Keep noise down inside the Palace:

  • turn mobile phones off, speak quietly and stay focussed to help the visit go smoothly.

Keep the areas clean:

  • food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum;

  • picnics are not allowed in the gardens. However, it is possible to have a picnic in the park.

Help preserve the paintings, sculptures and other precious items: 

  • admire with eyes only: the decor is old and the works of art are fragile;

  • no flash photography and only take photos when permitted;

  • follow the instructions in the rooms.

Respect the security perimeters.

Consult the visitor regulations for the museum and the estates of Versailles and Trianon


Identifiying locations before arriving with your class 

Since April 2009, the "Pass Éducation" has enabled all teachers working under contract in public a private schools and secondary levels establishments (school, college, high school) to access permanent collections at museums and national monuments free of charge.

The Palace of Versailles invites these teachers to use their card to access Versailles free of charge in order to scout out locations before arriving with their class.

The "Bienvenue" interactive map

To supplement the website, "Bienvenue" offers you information before and during your visit by helping you to find your way around the Estate's locations and services. Built as an interactive map, the site answers 150 of the most frequently asked questions. Compatible with tablets and smartphones and accessible via 3G connection, this site can be visited anywhere at any time.



Opening hours

16°C - 23°C

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Le Château

Le Château

Du château de plaisance au musée national

Open from 9:00 am to 6:30 pmAttendance: high
Le Domaine de Trianon

Le Domaine de Trianon

Un lieu d'intimité

Open from 10:00 am to 6:30 pmAttendance: average
Les Jardins

Les Jardins

L'art de la perspective

Open from 7:00 am to 8:30 pmMusical Gardens
La Grande Ecurie

La Grande Ecurie

La Galerie des Carrosses - L'Académie Equestre

Open from 9:00 am to 6:30 pmAttendance: low
Le Parc

Le Parc

Un écrin de verdure

Open from 7:00 am to 8:30 pmAttendance: average
La Petite Ecurie

La Petite Ecurie

La Galerie des Sculptures et des Moulages

La Salle du Jeu de Paume

La Salle du Jeu de Paume

Lieu de mémoire de la Révolution Française

Le Domaine de Marly

Le Domaine de Marly

Chasses, fêtes et promenades royales

Open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pmAttendance: low

Les ressources pédagogiques

Retrouvez les ressources pédagogiques que le secteur éducatif et l’académie de Versailles mettent à disposition des enseignants.

Les ressources

The official Palace of Versailles app.

The free application of the Palace offers audio tours to accompany your visit to the Estate (Palace, Gardens, Trianon Estate, etc.) as well as an interactive map.

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