What are the dates of the free Sundays?

The Versailles Estate is open and free of charge to visitors on the first Sunday of the month from November to March. 

Is there a charge for admission to the Gardens and the Park?

The access to the Versailles Park is free for pedestrians and cycles, but there is a charge for vehicles: €3 for a motorcycle, €6 for a car, €30 for a bus (with 12 seats or more).

The access to the Gardens is free, except on the days of Musical Fountains show and Musical Gardens

  • From November to March, the access to the Gardens is free every day.
  • From April to October, there is an admission charge to enter the Gardens on the days of the Musical Fountains show and Musical Gardens (on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, and on a few additional dates (mainly bank holidays).

Is there a single ticket for the whole Estate? Where can I buy it?

The Passport tickets give admission to the entire estate of Versailles : the palace, the estate of Trianon (the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon, and the Queen's Hamlet); the gardens and the temporary exhibitions.

You can buy this ticket from our online ticket office or at the ticket offices in the Palace, at the Grand Trianon or the Petit Trianon.
NB: this ticket does not give admission to Fountains Night show.

What are the conditions for free admission (young people, teachers, jobseekers, disabled people, etc.)?

Some visitors are entitled to free admission for the Palace, to the palaces of Trianon, to Marie-Antoinette's Estate, to the temporary exhibitions and the audioguides:

  • Young people under 18 years old
  • European Union residents under 26 years old
  • Schoolchildren
  • Teachers appointed to a French school with their Education Pass
  • Disabled people and their accompanying adult
  • French jobseekers on presentation of documentary proof dated from the last 6 months

Etc... To check whether you are entitled to free admission, click here.

If you are entitled, when you arrive at the Palace, go directly to the main entrance with your documentary proof.
NB: you may still have a long wait at the entrance check points.

How much is a ticket for the Palace of Versailles? Where can I buy it?

There are several admission tickets for the Palace of Versailles. Choose according to how much time you have and the places you want to see.

See all tickets on this page

  • The Passport gives access to the entire Versailles Estate. It costs €20, or €27 on days of Musical Fountains show and Musical Gardens
  • The 2-day Passport gives access to the entire Versailles Estate over 2 consecutive days. It costs €25, or €30 on days of Musical Fountains show and Musical Gardens
  • The Palace ticket gives access only to the Palace of Versailles. The full price is €18 and the reduced price is €13.

With the exception of the discounted Palace ticket, you can buy all these tickets online. You can buy all the tickets on site, at the Palace ticket office (located around the Courtyard of Honnour).

On days of Musical Fountains show and Musical Gardens, if you only want to access the gardens, you can buy a ticket just for the show online or on site.

How can I avoid the queues at the ticket desks?

To avoid the queues at the Palace ticket desks, we recommend you to buy your tickets from the online ticket office

Nevertheless, you may have to wait to enter the Palace on crowded days.

Do I need a ticket if I am entitled to free admission in the Palace ?

No: if you are entitled to free admission, you can go to the entrance A of the palace with your proof of entitlement or ID.

See all conditions for free admission.


What are the places that are free for everyone ?

  • Located in the Great Stables of the palace of Versailles, the Gallery of Coaches is open from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm (during Low Season) or from 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm (during High Season). Its access is free and does not require any ticket.
  • The access to the gardens is free as well, without the Musical Fountains Shows or Musical Gardens.
    During High Season, the access to the gardens is charged for the Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens (on Tuesdays, Fridays, weekends and bank holidays, from 31st March to 31st October 2017), except for children between 0 and 5. During these days, 15 groves are exceptionally open to the public. (Access included in the Passport and 2-day Passport tickets)
  • The Park is open every day throughout the year and its access is free.

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