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Versailles 3D with Google

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Versailles, Chaos to perfection

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Versailles, from Louis XIII to the Revolution

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Versailles after the French Revolution

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Versailles, from gardens to Trianon palaces

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The Gallery of the History of the Palace



The gallery

With its three palaces, its gardens and its park, Versailles has a complex topography and history. The Gallery of the History of the Palace, located at the start of the Grand Apartments tour, is an essential first stop on your visit.

Former princely apartments…

The North Wing's 11 ground-floor rooms, at the beginning of the main Grand Apartments tour, are a particularly suitable location for an introduction to a Palace visit.

Under the Ancien Régime the rooms housed the royal princes' apartments, which Louis-Philippe had extensively remodelled to present an abridged history of France featuring works ranging from The Baptism of Clovis to Louis XVI Giving La Pérouse His Instructions. The only volumes the citizen-king kept were a string of adjoining rooms; the only decoration, two cornices visible in the new rooms.

The rooms underwent a series of changes in the 20th century. The last one, designed by Pierre Lemoine in the 1970s, recalls the earliest Bourbons and the dawn of Louis XIV's reign.

... turned into the Gallery of the History of the Palace

The rooms, which are thematically and chronologically laid out, recall milestones in the royal palace's creation and transformation from Louis XIII's hunting lodge to today's national estate.

They feature works from the collections of Versailles that trace the Palace's history. Models and reproductions of old prints round out the visit.

3D films introducing each major stage in the Palace's history help visitors interpret and understand the works. New technologies show what the vanished parts of the Palace looked like and trace their transformation over time.


The Gallery of the History of the Palace was created in partnership with the Google Cultural Institute


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